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How To Upgrade to Enhanced and Premium Listings

After you have registered and created a Free Listing and it has been approved, you can login and find it under My Listings.

Click on "Upgrade Listing."

Please note that each time a listing is edited it requires re-approval. We will try to do this quickly, but it is for the protection of all of us from nefarious postings.

The instructions below are longer than the actual process, but hopefully we have covered all the details. If not, let us know!

You may want to just do it--and return here if you need clarification.

Login on the AWC home page, Continue to My Account, and select My Listings.

My Account

You will see your free listing. Select "Upgrade Listing." (The three small icons are Edit, View, Delete.)

Step 1

Select the Package Option and Duration for your listing.

Click "Upgrade to this Package."

Step 2

A PayPal window will open.

Note that payment is made to Desert Sea Publishing Co., which will appear in your PayPal and/or credit card statement.

Step 3

In a few seconds you are returned to the ACW site.

Your listing will be updated shortly after that.

Listing fees are NOT recurring. You will NOT be automatically charged again. You will be notified by email when your listing expires, so you can renew and keep continuous listings.

Step 4

Return to My Listings to Edit and Add Content

Click on the Edit (pencil/paper) Icon

Step 5

You can now edit any of the text entries, but most notably, add up to 3,000 characters to your Description.

You can easily copy text from other documents and paste it in the Description window.

Step 6

For Time-Sensitive Listings, select the Season and Year using the drop-down lists.

Step 7

Insert your YouTube Video in Premium listings.

How do I do that? Open your YouTube page in a separate browser window, click on the address to highlight it in that window and hit Ctrl C (or select Edit > Copy). Put your cursor in the YouTube text box here, and hit Ctrl V (or select Edit > Paste).

Select any additional search categories you wish, up to your Package Limit.

Step 7a

Save your edits!

Now go to My Listings and this time select Add Photos

Step 8

This part is fun!

Decide what image you want to be seen with your listings in searches, and upload it as your logo.

Select Browse to locate it on your computer.

Please see image notes at the bottom of this page.

Step 9

Browse lets you do just that to locate your image files.

Select one and click Upload

Step 10

Your logo magically appears and a thumbnail is automatically created in the process.

Now use Add Photo to add as many images as your Listing Package allows. Up to 20 for Premium!

If you want to change or rearrange them any time in the future, just use the delete and upload options.


Step 11

When you are done, view your listing - and presto!

Your YouTube video is embedded in the page.

A Google Map is shown for your location.

And, thumbnails of all your images have automatically been created, which enlarge in a window when clicked!

Important Note on Images:

Please do not upload raw images right off your 12 mega-pixel camera! Photos should be resized and saved as .jpg files at 72 dpi. The exact size is not critical, but images approximately six to eight inches in width will display well when visitors enlarge them by clicking on your gallery thumbnail images.

Final Step




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