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How To Create a Listing

All listings, including Enhanced and Premium, begin by creating a Free Basic Listing.

  • We approve all new listings (to keep out spammers), usually within 24 hours, and your Basic Listing goes "live."
  • You receive an email when your listing is approved and on-line.
  • You can upgrade to Premium or Enhanced if you wish, and all listings can be edited at any time.
  • After you have registered you can create as many Free Listings as you like.
  • To begin, Register on the AWC Home Page.
  • Then login and go to the "Add Listing" page where you will find the easy Free Listing Form.

Detailed Instructions Below (The actual process is much shorter than the instructions! We suggest you just do it, and return here only if you need clarification.)

Listing Detail:

Title: usually your name or organization.

Listing Caption: What you are offering; your slogan; see other listings for examples. If it is going to be Time-Sensitive start with the date.

Description: If you plan to upgrade, simply enter a word or two here so it won't be blank. You will be able to add much more later. If you do not intend to upgrade, enter a sentence or two for your free listing. (You can edit your free listings later too.)

Add listing page

Business Detail:

Enter your website address, or the complete URL (address) to a page on a website where you want to take visitors.

How do I do that? Open the page you want to take visitors to in a separate browser window, click on the address to highlight it in that window and hit Ctrl C (or select Edit > Copy). Put your cursor in the web address here, highlighting over the "http://www." and hit Ctrl V (or select Edit > Paste).

Enter as much additional contact information as you want. These can be blank.


Business Detail


Location Detail:

Important - if this is for an event away from your home base, enter the location of the event (i.e. the location you want to be found in searches).

Type in the name of the City or Town using the exact official spelling and any standard Post Office abbreviations so it can be found in searches.

Street Address can be blank. In upgraded listings this generates a Google Map to your location. If you do not want a Google Map shown to your exact location leave this blank. (The map will be to your city or town.)


Location Detail


Select the Categories where visitors should find you in searches.

Be sure to select the First Level category first.

Then select sub-categories.

Use the arrows on First Level categories to drop-down and show sub-categories.

For a new listing select no more than 6. You can edit later.

Hit "Submit."

You have completed your free listing!

Can't find a category to exactly fit your listing? Let us know and if it meets the purposes of AWC, we'll add it!

(If the drop-down arrows don't work, it means that Java is not activated in your browser. Java is required to use the site.)

Selecting Categories

We will review your listing and approve it, usually within 24 hours.

You will receive an automatic email notifying you when your listing is approved.

You can then log back into your account and find it under "My Listings" and you can edit at any time.

You will find the option there to upgrade.

For detailed instructions on how to upgrade and create advanced listings: Click Here.




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